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Frontend codegen

Codegen generates all the frontend code you need to go with your backend, short of the styling and full set of pages.
It creates a set of react hooks that provide all of the interactions you'll need with your database and a set of pages and components to get you started.
The basic functionality will be implemented out of the box. Login, signup, and all the API routes you need.
To run codegen, go to your project homepage (make sure you've already connected your GitHub account) and click 'run codegen'.
A new repo will be created in your account if one doesn't exist yet and a GitHub action will run. Once this has finished, a pull request with all your code will be created. Merge the pull request if you're happy with it.
If you re-run codegen after some changes to your app, the process will run again and a new PR will be created for you to review.
If you have connected a Vercel account, your application will automatically be redeployed to the web.