The chat is where you build the core of your application - your database and your API.

Alongside the chat window, you can view your database schema or a Swagger doc for your API which are updated as you make changes.

Here is what it looks like alongside the database schema.

And here is what it looks like alongside the swagger doc.

Not sure where to start? Use the chat wizard to help you.

Use your chat window like a virtual software architect. It'll help you define a specification for your application or any updates. At first, you can be as specific (or not) as you like!

Focus on describing the functionality of your app - the software architect will take care of the technical implementation.

It is usually best to think about database changes and API changes separately.

Don't worry about getting it right the first time, you can always jump back in and make changes later.

Once your architect has enough information to execute some changes to your backend, it'll propose a plan for your approval. This may include a database migration or some API changes.

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