Getting Started

First, login or sign up to Backengine.

On the Backengine app, click 'create project' and then give your project a name. Starting your project will take a few moments.

Now, you'll be prompted to create a link a GitHub repo to store your Fastify API code. Backengine will automatically sync code to this repo when you work on your API. This will also install the Backengine app for you in GitHub.

During this step, make sure to provide access to all repositories. This will allow us to create new repos for you. You can always scope down access after we have created your repo in GitHub application settings.

Finally, click 'run' to start the development environment so you can start building. This may take a minute or two! This creates a live dev deployment of your Fastify API and sets things up to commit API changes & run database migrations.

Once these steps are complete, you'll be taken to the chat window to start building!

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