I can't link my GitHub account!

You must enable access to all repos. This allows us to create a new repo for you. We will only make changes to Engine repos but you may like to restrict our access to the created repo after it is created on the GitHub application settings page.

Make sure you do not already have a GitHub repo in your account with the same name as your project. If you do, either choose a different name for your existing repo or Engine project, or delete the existing GitHub repo.

It's slow!

We recommend waiting at least a couple of minutes.

This is because the code generation process is iterative and often requires several calls to the LLM. For more complex requests, typically those that require lots of API code generation, this can sometimes take a little while.

If you decide to cancel the request, you can press the stop button in the chat window.

It didn't do what I asked!

Some complex API code generation requests are beyond the scope of what Engine can confidently write and deploy itself.

This is why we give you full access and control over your codebase in GitHub - so you can implement more complex functionality yourself even if Engine can't do it for you.

However, as our models become much more sophisticated, this will be necessary less often. For example, you very rarely need to manually edit the database at all.

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